• Programmed for Trigger 2 (TCI files)
  • Productions ready sounds
  • 4 Microphones 
    Top, Bottom, Overheads and Rooms
  • 3 Separate tunings
    Low, Mid and High
  • Up to 12 Velocity layers
  • 6 Round robin samples per layer
  • 4 Articulations
     Center hits, Rim shots, No Wires, Side stick
  • Over 2100 samples used and +700mb download


The Rebel Custom Shop series steel snare encourage you to enjoy the character of its vintage appearance. This elegant drum is crafted from rolled high-quality steel. The outside center bead produces a more open sound for crisp, articulate performance.

RCS Essentials - Steel 14x6 Snare Drum

€ 4,97Price