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DS drum


The DS sound for your E-Kit or Productions

available this spring

Premium drum sounds without having to get a Ph.D. in drum tuning and audio engineering

Do you want premium drum sounds without having to get a Ph.D. in drum tuning and audio engineering? Feeling frustrated about wasting a lot of time figuring out an interface or programming awesome drum grooves?

And will help you with;

  • Production-ready sounds straight out of the box

  • Easy to use and endlessly customizable

  • Staying focused on your music

Transform your continuous searching and tweaking for sounds to being creative with your drumming and productions with the Red Pack drums drum kits!

We're here to help you evolve your own exceptional drum sounds and grooves.

So leave those difficult to use, raw sounding libraries behind and buy one of the Red Pack drum kits now!

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Our drum kits will help you avoid;

  • Wasting your time

  • Drum sounds that are too raw for production purposes

  • Sounding generic and boring



Official brand libraries

Joint forces with the manufacturers

Supreme Audio Quality

All samples hand picked and edited. Multiple velocity and round robin samples.

Programmed for Kontakt

Native instruments Kontakt libraries

Amazing presets

Created by pro audio engineers

Looks amazing

With the actual drum pictures

Easy to use

And endlessly tweakable

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