• Programmed for Trigger 2 (TCI files)
  • Productions ready sounds
  • 4 Microphones 
    Top, Bottom, Overheads and Rooms
  • 3 Separate tunings
    Low, Mid and High
  • Up to 12 Velocity layers
  • 6 Round robin samples per layer
  • 4 Articulations
     Center hits, Rim shots, No Wires, Side stick
  • Over 2100 samples used and +700mb download


We are very proud to introduce Koto for the first time in history and we’re sure that you will not believe your ears.
Handcrafted in Italy using top quality Maple & Cameroon Koto this hybrid wood shell is noted for its big, warm and dry tone with a terrific low end. This snare has a truly organic, dark vibe while maintaining the classic DS personality.

RCS Essentials - Maple/Koto 14x6.5 Snare Drum

€ 4,97Price